Business Intelligence WEBINARS ON-DEMAND

On-Demand Webinar (BI)

Lacking the Visibility You Need From Your Oracle JD Edwards Data?

During this encore webinar, we offer an overview of Silvon Stratum™ - the BI solution that's changing the face of Oracle / JDE reporting in a very big way! Plus, you get the chance to hear from Jim Valentine, CFO of ILSCO Corporation and long-time JDE user, who discusses why he invested in the Stratum BI suite after abandoning Oracle BI and how the analysis of his Oracle JDE data has changed for good ever since.

On-Demand Webinar (BI)

Defining & Structuring KPIs for Success

Today we collect vast amounts of information and need to leverage it to manage the business.  But as former General Electric CEO Jack Welch said, “Too often we measure everything and understand nothing”. That being said, it is appropriate to ask some key questions about what Key Performance Indicators we should measure. During this session, various types of key performance indicators are discussed and a framework is presented to help you decide which ones you should track for your business.


On-Demand Webinar (Forecasting / S&OP)

Demand Forecasting Best Practices

Learn how successful demand-driven companies are approaching the demand forecasting process! During this session, we cover some forecasting essentials, help you better understand demand influences and their effects, explore various methods for using downstream data to improve the demand planning process, and discuss the key elements of a continuous forecast improvement plan. In addition, we share some best practices in generating baseline forecasts and leveraging analytics to measure forecast accuracy, improve forecasts over time, and better manage requirements related to manufacturing, inventory control and customer service.

On-Demand Webinar (Forecasting / S&OP)

Measuring and Managing the Forecasting Process

Demand forecasting is one of the most difficult processes to manage and perhaps one of the most important processes to affect many downstream activities, as well as the overall efficiency of the business. In this session, we explain some approaches for establishing a practical forecasting process, evaluate various forecasting methodologies, share some industry benchmarks for success, and discuss key measurements that should be used in controlling the forecasting process.