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Words from our customers

We can say all we like about our products and services but the people whose opinions we value – and learn from – are our customers. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Heller Industries

Title / Company Director, Business Process Improvement — Heller Industries Industry Reflow Oven Technology Comments

”Silvon’s drill-down capabilities are a huge differentiator over spreadsheet and dashboarding applications. The granular level of detail that we can traverse using Silvon is very powerful; and without it, it would be much more difficult to uncover the root cause of business data anomalies and related business process issues as they arise.”

Tony’s Fine Foods 1

Title / Company CIO, Tony’s Fine Foods Industry Food & Beverage Comments

“I like the fact that Silvon’s Stratum solution has grown with the Industry and is the outcome of the company listening to its customers. Silvon has done a good job staying knowledgeable about many niche industries including the food Industry. They treat their customers like a partner. I always enjoy sharing our challenges and vision for the software and feel their team wants to hear our opinion. The Silvon software has been a great fit for us as we liked the versatility of the software (integration options, calculated fields, virtual dimensions, etc.).”

Greatland Corporation

Title / Company Sr. Programmer/ Analyst, Greatland Corporation Industry Computer Software Comments

“Silvon was the only vendor that demoed and met our main reporting requirements (twice... initially when acquiring a reporting tool for users on the IBM iSeries and 7 years later when we re-visited our reporting tools for SQL server). We especially needed criteria like "all these but not those". Stratum allowed our users to write and run their own reports, freeing up IT time for projects. The users love the crosstab reporting! Silvon employees are knowledgeable, friendly and caring. The on-line documentation is full of examples and the HELP videos are great!”

World’s Finest Chocolate 1

Title / Company SVP of IT & Customer Service, World’s Finest Chocolate Industry Food & Beverages Comments

“Silvon’s Stratum is the best value BI tool on the market. This system was a straight-forward and easy implementation and has been an invaluable tool to our sales and finance teams. It remains low maintenance and is an easy system to train and on-board users to.”

Pharmavite LLC

Title / Company VP, Pharmavite LLC Industry Pharmaceuticals Comments

“Stratum by Silvon delivers dependable sales data and insights. I like the reliability. It’s easy to build ad-hoc views on the fly. I also like the ability to select different time buckets for different columns on any report. Silvon always works with you as a partner.”

Tony’s Fine Foods 2

Title / Company Purchasing Analyst, Tony’s Fine Foods Industry Food & Beverage Comments

“Stratum is a great analytic software solution. Great reporting, nice graphs, easy to use. I love all the features of Stratum’s reports. I use this software every single day in my work.”

 Herr Foods Inc.

Title / Company Senior Director, IT & Business Intelligence, Herr Foods Inc. Industry, Company Food & Beverage Comments

“Silvon Software has been providing Business Intelligence software before BI became a buzz word! They provide a robust, scalable solution to deliver business insights against any data set. I'd have to say that I like the flexibility of the software the most. Insight to Sales, Inventory, Production, Receivables, Payables, General Ledger etc. can be gained by importing data from these applications into Stratum. The software easily handles 100+ concurrent users.”

Tony’s Fine Foods 3

Title / Company Financial Analyst, Tony’s Fine Foods Industry Food & Beverage Comments

“I am a financial analyst and monitor sales and GP daily for our business. Without Silvon my job would be very difficult to do efficiently. I have seen the capabilities of competitive software and I am very pleased that we have Silvon. Silvon is one of the most useful and user-friendly tools on the market, I highly recommend it. The biggest “pros” of Stratum is its user friendliness, ability to build custom views on the fly and reorganize data quickly. This allows my team to get down to identify problem areas of the business.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Title / Company IT Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific Industry Medical Devices Comments

“We have been using Stratum in its various iterations since the 1990’s. Each new version and release has been an improvement of a very fine product. Their support and service rank among the highest I have ever dealt with in over 35 years. You can't go wrong by selecting Silvon Software and Stratum.”

Hoffmaster Inc.

Title / Company Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, Creative Converting / Hoffmaster Inc. Industry Paper & Packaging Comments

“Stratum makes budgeting easy! Stratum is easy to learn, and the views are endless. We use it for our annual budgeting process. Budgets can be entered at various levels (product, group of products, customer, territory, by month, etc.). Users can quickly build views to allow this. Data can be uploaded from Microsoft Excel in seconds, literally. It takes additional preparation time to enter a budget for a product for which no budget history exists (new item). Conversations with Stratum IT support helped us bridge that gap.”

World’s Finest Chocolate 2

Title / Company VP Fundraising, World’s Finest Chocolate Industry Food & Beverage Comments

“With the Stratum software, I can easily create standing reports that I use on a daily basis. However, more importantly, Stratum allows me to create ad hoc reports effortlessly to dig into individual questions that come up daily.”

Titan Tire

Title / Company Business Analyst, Titan Tire Industry Automotive Comments

“We’ve been a customer of Silvon for 20+ years and are still with them because of the value that Stratum provides for the money. We also worked with Silvon to move Stratum into a hosted environment to better reflect today's business requirements.”

CertainTeed Corporation

Title / Company Financial Analyst, CertainTeed Corporation Industry Building Materials Comments

“I find Stratum a useful tool for month-end reporting of sales results and analysis by customers and channels. Even though Stratum was initially bought by our Sales organization for their use, our Finance organization is able to use Stratum by tailoring data views that enable us to understand the drivers of our monthly sales, including customer pricing.”

Neil Jones Food Company

Title / Company Business Analyst / Neil Jones Food Company Industry Food & Beverage Comments

“Silvon Stratum is great for getting reports on demand quickly using company data that in the past had to be handled via pivot tables. Once a view is set up, even the least tech-savvy user can get the information they need in the click of a button. Their folks are attentive and have many ongoing training opportunities for the casual to advanced user.”

Tony’s Fine Foods 3

Title / Company Regional Finance Manager, Tony’s Fine Foods Industry Food Distribution Comments

“I've been a Stratum user for 5 years. Not only is the software package easy to use, the Stratum support team is always quick to help whether it is a simple question or an advanced syntax formula that is needed. The Stratum team is always working on updates and really strives to know how the customer is using the tool, in order to make improvements.”

Stanley Black & Decker

Title / Company Senior Business Systems Analyst, Stanley Black & Decker Industry Consumer Goods Comments

“Stratum provides the data analysis tools that our business needs to run successfully. Most users are happy with the product, and our user base is constantly growing.”

Follett Higher Education Group

Title / Company Merchandise Control Manager, Follett Higher Education Group Industry Publishing / Book Retailer Comments

“Overall, Stratum has great versatility for digesting large amounts of data. The multi-dimensional nature of the software makes it an efficient tool as well.”